Private CEU Course Offerings

Lutz Bath & Kitchen now offers Private CEU Trainings for architects and designers.  In the format of a “lunch and learn,” you can now schedule private trainings for your staff through our showroom.  Experience the benefits of having a private educational session completely applicable to your scope of work.

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Lutz is your Official Toto Authorized Service Representative and Dealer.

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Neelnox – Designer Stainless Steel Shelves


“Why Designer? Why not opt for the ordinary? We at Neelnox postulate that design is to civilization as civilization is to life. It is the beacon of extra ordinary effort. The effort to make the world a beautiful place. To create an environment attuned to the mind that demands an acute aestheticism while at work or play.”

Designer stainless steel mosaics are available through a nationwide network of exclusive dealers. Lutz Bath and Kitchen is proud to be part of that network. Call or visit us today to learn more about Neelnox’s stainless steel shelves for your bath or shower. Or click here to visit their website.

California Faucets ZeroDrain

ZeroDrain sets a new sink drain standard for mid-level to luxury baths that is as easy to look at, as it is to use. A one-finger touch is all that is needed to “pop-down” the stopper into the closed position and allow water to fill the sink. The revolutionary ZeroDrain features a piston design for a perfect seal every time. Press it again to release it, and watch the water sensuously disappear into the thin circular gap around the stopper. Read the full article at or visit our showroom today for more details.