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Electric Mirror

An industry leader in lighted mirror technology and innovation, Electric Mirror can make any vanity area complete.

Bain Ultra

BainUltra baths have therapeutic qualities with a great deal of thought into each aspect—from shape and ergonomics to comfort and technology—to ensure that users enjoy the best relaxation, health, and well-being experience possible.

BainUltra products deliver therapeutic benefits to invigorate your body and mind!


Alape has been working successfully for many years with three award-winning partners who are active internationally in design and architecture. In this way, Alape guarantees a consciously uniform design language, the high quality of which is subordinate to the architecture of the room.

Alape basins and washstands are manufactured from glazed steel.  This characteristic material for Alape opens up a fascinating variety of shapes, surfaces and dimensions with unique precision. Glazed steel is light, but extremely robust. The compound material is harder than granite or emerald and sets itself apart thanks to its impact resistance. The manufacturing process means that the products can be custom adjusted for special configurations. Glazed steel proves its worth over its entire useful life due to its visual, haptic and hygienic characteristics.


Green Thermo Valves

Green Thermo Valves

For multiple functions in a bath or shower, CA code requires a system with water diverting capability. Essentially what this means is, multiple functions in a shower system can not be turned on simulateously; only one function at a time. Water conservation is the inspiration for this code and as a result, select manufacturers have adapted by providing shower valves with this capability. In addition, they now come in a compact, single application unit that are space efficient and cost effective. To make the process simple when designing your shower system, we identify valves that are CA approved as “Green Thermo Valves” and are proactive in developing relationships with these select manufacturers.  Here are our top rated collections:

Zucchetti Jingle

Dornbracht IMO

Hansgrohe Axor Citterio E (NEW)

California Faucets


Thermo Valve with integrated diverter + volume control (3 functions)

APPROVED – Thermostatic Mixer with integrated diverter + volume control (3 functions)

Thermostatic Mixer with integrated diverter + volume control (2 functions)

APPROVED – Thermostatic Mixer with integrated diverter + volume control (2 functions)

Multi function shower system with separate volume controls (Not CA Approved)

Multi function shower system with separate volume controls (Not CA Approved)

Neelnox – Designer Stainless Steel Shelves


“Why Designer? Why not opt for the ordinary? We at Neelnox postulate that design is to civilization as civilization is to life. It is the beacon of extra ordinary effort. The effort to make the world a beautiful place. To create an environment attuned to the mind that demands an acute aestheticism while at work or play.”

Designer stainless steel mosaics are available through a nationwide network of exclusive dealers. Lutz Bath and Kitchen is proud to be part of that network. Call or visit us today to learn more about Neelnox’s stainless steel shelves for your bath or shower. Or click here to visit their website.

New on Display, Amba

Come see our latest on display, featuring the Quadra Towel Warmer by Amba.  Simple and clean modern design that brings warmth + comfort to your bathroom.  amba_quadro_q2033_polished_application_a



We are proud to announce the newest addition to our beautiful collections, LACAVA.

“Lacava, a company of Italian origin, located in Chicago, is dedicated to continuing this legacy in order to enrich American private homes and lifestyles as well as public facilities with ingenious and inspiring bathroom collections. As a result of Lacava’s collaboration with designers from around the world in defining the future bathroom styles, the company specializes in both contemporary and transitional styles for commercial, retail, hospitality, and residential applications in standard and custom settings. The geographical location of Lacava enables us to provide our customers with the convenience of local, personalized service, coupled with the state of the art technologies and experienced artisans creating superior quality furnishings with customization capacity. Our complete product collections are constantly changing and expanding as we restlessly strive to shape the forthcoming market trends.”

California Faucets ZeroDrain

ZeroDrain sets a new sink drain standard for mid-level to luxury baths that is as easy to look at, as it is to use. A one-finger touch is all that is needed to “pop-down” the stopper into the closed position and allow water to fill the sink. The revolutionary ZeroDrain features a piston design for a perfect seal every time. Press it again to release it, and watch the water sensuously disappear into the thin circular gap around the stopper. Read the full article at or visit our showroom today for more details.


Our design spotlight this quarter features a line that has emerged as one of our most desirable as rated by our consumers.  Zucchetti features modern and neo classical elegant designs from Italy that is made with the highest quality in brass and finishes.  Our direct relationship with the company ensures product reliability, design & technical expertise, and piece of mind with no buyer’s remorse.

The Geberit Monolith

The Geberit Monolith turns any bathroom into a designer bathroom. The innovative sanitary module conceals the toilet tank behind a tempered glass plate and brings a modern feel to any space. Discover the elegant alternative to the traditional toilet at Lutz Bath & Kitchen today.