How to Successfully Install a Wall Mount Vanity

February 2, 2019

So you decided to purchase a wall mount vanity, or at the least seriously considering it. What is not to like? It is hygenic, aesthetically clean, minimal, and functional. It instantly turns your bathroom into a modern, functional space that you fall in love with. There are several critical variables in preparation of the installation process that are a MUST before proceeding.

1. You Need to Hire a Professional

Quite possibly the most cringeworthy mistake is spending thousands of dollars on luxury product and cutting corners on the labor. Decorative plumbing products, including wall mount vanities, have a very thorough design and produced with every last detail inspected throughout the process. How do we know? We have visited many of these factories and have watched first hand the manufacturing process from concept to completion. Furniture Guild vanities are made by hand, out of 100% wood. Bottom line is, you want an installer who matches the thoroughness and detail of the manufacturer. Hiring a common handyman or someone completely unfamiliar or inexperienced with these decorative products will end up costing you way more money down the line.

2. Play it Safe, Install Backing

Before hanging anything on the wall, make sure you have proper backing in the wall. What is backing? A solid 2 x 4 wood frame that is installed to bear the weight of the wall mount vanity. Do not hang the vanity on sheet rock and anchors. You could run into a serious safety issue. See the picture below.

Solid wood backing installed above the plumbing to bear the weight of the wall mount vanity.

3. Cross Reference the Location of the Plumbing

When you purchase a wall mount vanity, it will come with a specification sheet and installation instructions. These documents clearly indicate the location of the plumbing required for a proper installation. The drain locaiton and the water connections are critical because the drawers have to fit and function in the space. If improperly installed, you may have a drawer that sticks out (can not close all the way) or the vanity itself can not be hung due to an obstruction.

4. Purchase the Correct Drain

You may not think that the type of trap you purchase is important, but it actually is. There are several different designs of traps and depending on the design of your vanity, you may not have much flexibility in which trap you use. What is a trap? It is the tubular drain line assembly that connects your sink to the drain itself. Some may require a Bottle Trap, others may require a Space Saving Siphon. See pics below.

Space Saving Siphon
Bottle Trap

5. Inspect the Vanity and Product Before Installing

Before installing the vanity and any product, be sure to thoroughly inspect it for damage during shipping or that the right product was shipped. Although we like to think that everything arrives in perfect condition, unfortunately, mistakes happen on the rare occasion that are out of our control. When they do, the product can and will be replaced at no cost to you. However, these must be taken care of before installing the vanity. Why? Installing the product may void replacement under warranty for liability purposes. Be thorough, inspect the product before having it installed for peace of mind and prevention of any unwanted costs down the line.

Benefits of Purchasing from Lutz Plumbing Inc.

We are the only full service plumbing company with an adjacent decorative plumbing showroom. Our showroom, Lutz Bath & Kitchen, has a selection of some of the finest decorative fixtures on market (LACAVA, Furniture Guild, Keuco, Laufen, and more.) This means that your wall mount vanity can be purchased (with all the requiring components) and installed by one of our in house technicians. Not only is the process seamless, but there is peace of mind knowing that we have in depth product knowledge of how to successfully install these units. Already have your own contractor? No Problem! We are still here to help throughout the process with any questions the contractor may have. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority and we are here to ensure your purchase and installation go smoothly.

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