5 Must Haves in Bath Furniture for 2018

5 Must Haves in Bath Furniture for 2018

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Real Wood

Wood has made its way into the bathroom for several reasons:

  • It brings warmth to the space.
  • Solid construction and longevity
  • Versatility
  • Ease of installation

Manufacturers have become creative in offering unique and contemporary styles with industrial materials.  The value for investing in a quality bath furniture piece is unmatched in its product lifetime by withstanding the test of time in daily use.

Turino, from The Furniture Guild.

Push to Open Drawer System

Going deeper into minimalism by eliminating the need for hardware.  Not that manually pulling open a drawer is any inconvenience, but a push to open drawer system is a luxurious detail that adds style and function to the bathroom.

Aquasei, from La Cava has a push to open drawer system.

Matte Sinks

Matte solid surface sinks are as smooth to the touch as they look.  With a smooth surface, it is easier to keep a clean look in the bathroom while not taking away from focal pieces unlike glazed or shiny surfaces.  Pairs well with any finish on a faucet, brushed or polished, and blends in well with wood.


Storage Solutions

For the perfectionists, clever storage solutions bring joy through organization of all the little things that can pile up in a bathroom.

LED Lighting

The perfect lighting can brighten up your mood every time you step foot in your bathroom.  LED lighted mirrors have really made an impact by eliminating the need to purchase a separate light fixture.  LED lighting is also used as an accessory such as: under cabinet lighting and track lighting in drawers or shelves.

Fleurco lighted mirror