The Art of Placing Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is the jewelry of the bathroom. Whether you are using knobs or pulls, cabinet hardware allows you to make a unique design statement and create the look and feel that you desire. The placement of your hardware can change the look of your cabinets and should not be an afterthought. When we design new spaces for our clients in Northern California, we always review hardware placement to assure that the finished product makes them smile every time they enter the room.

When looking at cabinet drawers, the most common placement option is to center hardware in the middle of the drawer front. Centering provides a pleasing and symmetrical aesthetic, but its functionality may not be optimal, especially on bottom drawers. Many of our recommendations feature a mix of styles where we specify slab fronts for the top drawers and more decorative styles for lower drawers. The look is a less formal style and one that is favored by many of our clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this design option, we often center the cabinet hardware in the middle of the top drawer only and place the hardware on the top center of the rail on the lower cabinets. This makes it easier to open and close lower drawers.

Another common approach is to center all of the hardware on the rail of the drawer, which provides symmetry that many of our clients want, and improved functionality, especially if the primary users of the bath are taller. For baths featuring slab front cabinets or vanities, we can maximize the aesthetic and functionality by centering the hardware on the top third of the slab front.

Some of our customers prefer to have two pulls on a drawer or cabinet front, especially if the drawers are larger in size. To achieve a balanced look, we perform a simple calculation by envisioning the drawer as two drawers. For a 48 inch cabinet, we would view each half as a 24 inch cabinet and then place one pull 12 inches from the left and right edge of the drawer front.

Hardware selection and placement can change the look of cabinet doors as well. While many people use knobs for doors, we have seen a trend toward using pulls on both doors and drawers. Pulls tend to have a larger impact on the look of a space and can also be easier to use. The placement of knobs and pulls on doors very much depends on the style of the door.

If you would like to know the best placement option for cabinet hardware and how different options affect the look, feel and functionality, please give us a call at 415.621.4292 or visit our showroom at:

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