The Home of the Future

Technology continues to change how we live and the dynamics of the home. Smart thermostats, door bells, lighting, appliances, faucets, shower systems, steam systems and digital assistants are increasingly making inroads into the San Francisco Bay Area homes that our showroom serves. The “smart” home may make everyday life easier and more efficient, but a recent study finds that increased technology does not necessarily translate to increased happiness. For the past five years, furniture maker IKEA has surveyed its customers to better understand how people relate to the places where they live, and the latest report finds that life at home is undergoing a transformation.

Demographics have a lot to do with the changing dynamic. Millennials are marrying later in life and are more likely to rent with roommates. Many couples are delaying having children, which makes them more likely to opt for apartment living. The fact that people live longer has increased the number of multi-generational homes with children, parents and grandparents sharing space under one roof.

Demographic shifts are not exclusively responsible for the changing dynamic of home life. The survey discovered that a large percentage of people are not happy at home. 40% of Americans don’t feel a sense of belonging in their homes. 35% of the people surveyed in cities felt more at home at places other than where they live.

IKEA identified five emotional needs that contribute to the feeling of home:

  • Security – feeling save and grounded
  • Belonging – feeling welcomed and accepted
  • Comfort – feeling content and at ease in your surroundings
  • Privacy – feeling in control of how you relax and reflect
  • Ownership – feeling that you control your living space

The IKEA study makes an extraordinarily strong case for making your home a special place that provides a sense of security, belonging, comfort, privacy and ownership. When homeowners in Northern California undertake a bath or kitchen renovation, or any other home improvement project, it enables them to make a personal design statement. A new master bath with spa features such as a steam system, light, scent and music therapies, sophisticated showerheads, smart mirrors and intelligent toilets, offers a personal refuge where you can spend a few minutes just to yourself and wash away the stresses of daily life.

A new kitchen serves as a central meeting place for friends and family to gather, eat, laugh and enjoy one another’s company. Today, many of our clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, anticipating the need for a functional multi-generational home, are making renovations that allow family members, as well as themselves, to age in place with dignity and style. IKEA’s study makes the case that demographic shifts and lifestyle changes command renewed attention to thoughtful design in order to truly make a house a home where its occupants believe they belong.

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