The Key Ingredient to Your Spa Experience of Your Dreams

January 22, 2019


Life gets so, so busy… and busy schedules mean lots of stress. And instead of popping pills for our aches and pains, there are some other, natural, simple options to try to help your body relax that will hopefully induce your mind to catch up.

As you know, I’ve always been a big fan of saunas. I’ve raved about them in quite a few of my health articles on this blog, as well as ones for other publications I write for. They are these little oasis’ that make me sweat and keeps me feeling leveled. Since it affects your body similarly to cardio, it’s like after every workout that I go in the sauna, that extra sweat really tops off the endorphins. But now, I have found a new favorite – ThermaSol Steam Showers. (For you local Bay Area folks, check out Burke Williams in San Jose to experience the glory—it’s really amazing).

Like saunas, they promote wellness for cardiovascular and muscular health, but they are also healthy for the respiratory system as the steam helps you breathe deep and soak in the positive effects of steam.

Additionally, the showers help not only for the inside of your body, but the outside too. They have fantastic, spa-like benefits for your skin and hair as the steam helps clean out pores and open up hair follicles. The steam also helps with circulation so you can enjoy glowing, dewy, fresh, youthful-looking skin.

The benefits are endless but my favorite part is simply just the experience which is so stress relieving in itself. There are LED lights, soothing sounds, and jets that create a slice of heaven full of comfort and deep breathing that helps not only physically, but mentally. One day, in my dream bathroom in my dream home, I hope to have one of these installed. They really make your showers an experience and not just a day-to-day task we all mindlessly do. We should have a little umph and meaning, even to the simple things in life. And this shower of the future would do just that!

Check out if the Burke Williams near you has these amazing steam showers and enjoy them while just soaking up the joys of their facilities and decompressing… or after a luxurious facial or massage.

2019 is a whole new year, spend a little time on YOU.