What You Need to Know About a Steam Shower Installation

February 3, 2019

Preparing for a Steam Shower Installation

Having a steam shower in the comfort of your own home is a true luxury in addition to the many health benefits steaming regularly can do for you. Many are hesitant to look into simply because they may think it is financially out of reach. Truth is, most steam systems can be installed for well under $10,000; product and labor included. Here are the key factors to preparing for a steam shower installation:

Ideal location sample. Close proximity to the shower, easy access for service, and access to plumbing.
  • Location of the Generator – We know where the steam is going to end up…in the shower. But where is the generator going to go? Typically, you want the generator as close to the shower as possible to minimize the length of the piping and electrical line. The generator will need to tie in with the cold water supply for a dedicated water inlet. You also want the generator to be close to wherever the water will drain or terminate. Most importantly, you want the generator to be accessible after the installation so it can be serviced and maintained. Typically generators are installed in: garage, attic, crawl space above the shower, closet, etc…all depending on the layout of your home.
  • Access to Electrical – You will need to run 208V or 240V depending on the system you purchase. Consult an electrician to see how proper electrical can be run to the unit.
  • Where will the unit drain? – The most overlooked factor; where the unit will actually drain. Most do not even know that steam units have to be flushed out or drained to keep the tanks clean inside. Not draining properly will shorten the life of your steam generator and could end up wasting thousands. Systems can drain or terminate: outside in a safe run off or garden bed, existing drain stack, or into the shower itself.
  • Dimensions and material of your shower – First, try to avoid a porous material for your walls and ceiling, such as limestone. Ceramic tile and natural stone is best. Make sure you slope your ceiling so the condensation slides down the wall instead of dripping on you in the shower. Also, the area will need to be fully enclosed with a glass enclosure with a small swiveling vent window ideally close to an exhaust fan.
  • Location of Controller and Steam Head – DO NOT INSTALL THE CONTROLLER DIRECTLY ABOVE THE STEAM HEAD. This is the most common mistake made in an installation. Most controllers have built in temperature sensors and when installed directly above the steam head, those sensors get damaged and the controller becomes defective. Make sure you install the controller on an opposite wall of the steam head.
Notice location of control in relation to the steam head. Read the “IMPORTANT” message. You do not want the control to have direct contact with steam emitting from the steam head.

Installation Types

  • Retro Fit Installation – Replacing an old steam system with a new one. If you already have a unit that is aged between 10-20 years, you can opt for a retro fit installation. Essentially cutting out the generator and installing a new one with the existing plumbing as well as updating the control. Pretty simple and cost effective. Most Retro Fit Installs can be done for under $8,000, product and labor included.
  • New Installation – Adding a brand new steam system. This is better executed during remodel or new construction. It is more difficult to add to a finished shower, not impossible, but it would require a consultation visit to discuss possible steps.

Choosing a System

Lutz Plumbing Inc. is an Authorized Service Agent and Authorized Reseller for both Mr. Steam and Thermasol. Both manufacturers make a great product and are different in design.

Thermasol boasts several unique features such as: smart steam, power flush cycle, a convection steam head, and state of the art digital controls with applications. You can learn more about Thermasol with their helpful videos by CLICKING HERE.

Mr. Steam also has several unique features. They are the only manufacturer that currently produces a wireless controller making Mr. Steam the best choice for a Retro Fit Installation. In addition, Mr. Steam also offers Aroma Therapy through their uniquely designed Aroma Pump that is installed directly onto the steam outlet. This enhances your steam experience by infusing the steam that emits from the steam head with your choice of aroma; eucalyptus, lavender, and many other options. You can access Mr. Steam’s Video Gallery by CLICKING HERE.

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